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Virusses, bacterias and other hygiene...

... it is important, that we all stay safe and healthy.

Therefore, we invested a lot and are continuing spending a lot of money, to make the Atrium as safe as possible.

We are happy that you understand, that you can`t stay with us having corona-typical symptoms. You may choose

to stay in a quarantine room (bungalow) at a maybe higher price compared to what you originally booked.

We are using airfilters TAC V+ built by Trotec. These filters reduce the retention time and intensity

of aerosol- and other clouds of floating particles. We installed them in our public areas.

Before a guest moves into a new room, this is disinfected by Ozon. Ozon is spread in the room

and also affectes not easy to access objects inside the room. A good feeling to get a fresh room!

Due to this Ozon treatment, it is often not possible to use the room same day after departure

Touchless disinfectant dispensers are installed at the most frequented places of the Atrium

We may ask you, to measure your forehead temperature and may remind you on corona-measures.

You need a Quarantine-stay? No problem with us: you get an own bungalow,

you get the breakfast delivered, and we go shopping for you to supply the things you need.

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